The Legend of O’ya Sweets

As Legend has it there were four warrior eagles guarding the most valuable and precious jewels in the world. The eagles guarded these jewels high in the sky above the ancient civilization. The jewels were said to have magical powers and who ever had them would be blessed with an abundance of happiness, joy and tranquility for however long they had the jewels. One day the jewels were dropped from the sky by accident, they hit the earth and shattered into a million pieces and scattered everywhere. Those pieces were called O’ya. It was believed that who ever found O’ya on earth would be given a lifetime of happiness, many people have searched for the pieces of the jewels walking far and wide across the ancient land and till now none have been found. We have called our sweets O’ya because with our unmatched flavor, it will bring you that happiness and tranquility with every bit. With the vast experience of Ottoman Confectionery we have successfully discovered that unique taste that makes O’ya so flavour-full. Our hygienic production plant has top quality machinery that ensure a safe and healthy product every time. We at O’ya are proud and honoured to share this traditional delicacy with you.

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